Subscription Plans Terms & Conditions

By enrolling in our Annual Service Plan program, you the Customer agree to the following Terms & Conditions:


Annual Service Plan: You will receive One (1) cleaning each quarter for a total of Four (4) cleanings over a Twelve (12) Month Period. All four (4) cleanings will be performed within the twelve (12) month period and DO NOT roll over. Services will reset to four (4) at the end of twelve (12) months and will continue on a recurring basis until services are cancelled or changed.

One-Time enrollment fee: There is a One-Time enrollment fee equal to One (1) initial payment of $50.00. This payment will be charged during the initial set up of the service plan. When your plan rolls over to the next year there is no enrollment fee required.

Cancellation Policy: You, the customer, may cancel this transaction any-time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of this transaction by giving written notice of cancellation to Pit Crew Grill Cleaning Service by sending an email to If for any reason, at any time, the service agreement is cancelled before its completion, and the initial service has been performed, customer agrees to pay a $200.00 Early Cancellation Fee. Upon completion of this agreement service will continue at the same frequency until cancelled by the customer with a 30-day written notice. By signing this agreement and receiving services, you expressly waive and release Pit Crew Grill Cleaning Service from liability for any claim for personal injury, damages to the structure or its contents caused by issues that derive from equipment neglect, the execution of unsafe acts, or use of faulty equipment. For additional information about our service please visit or contact us directly by calling (210) 781-0283.

Authorization: You authorize Pit Crew Grill Cleaning Service to automatically charge your debit/credit card and perform One (1) cleaning each quarter for a total of Four (4) cleanings of a Twelve (12) Month Period.

This agreement is for an initial period of 12 month(s).

You agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement including any additional terms and disclosures listed above. you confirm that your email address is entered correctly and agree to receive my agreement, additional disclosures, and future account notifications electronically.